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Pro Staff Team Broussard Wins HT Invitational Redfish Series Kick Off

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Pro Staff Team Broussard Wins HT Invitational Redfish Series Kick Off

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Tue, 26 Mar 2013

Original Story: WFN HT Redfish Series

It was an emotional weekend and this was an emotional win for the father and son team of Phil and Kevin Broussard. “It's been a lifelong adventure with my dad and I am so blessed to get to continue the journey with my best friend”, stated Kevin.

This team has won at every level but this one seemed especially sweet for a duo that now features one of the most successful guides in Lake Charles and the dad who has a highly ranked television show going on 20 years.

As the weigh in began the Broussards were first up but before they weighed a fish they entertained the crowd by throwing out free hats, lures, fishing line and of course after they weighed their fish they worked the autograph line.

It seems kids, dads and grand dads all wanted to get this team's signatures.The 35 teams that make up the 2013 Academy Sports and Outdoors HT Invitational Redfish Series fished Thursday and Friday with the top 10 teams moving on to fish in the finals on Saturday.

After 3 days of hard nosed competitive fishing and with over 200 fish weighed in the anglers batted a perfect 1000% by not bringing in a single dead fish the entire weekend! From the captain's meeting till the final handshake goodbye this entire weekend was one that will leave us feeling even more blessed to get to be a part of truly what is some of the best anglers and finest people anywhere in this great country.


The Broussards were rewarded with $40,000.00 for their 44.78 pounds but weren't the only ones to cash this weekend.

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